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Part 2- Word for Alaska,

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

part 2 - Word thru Eleanor Roehl – January 5, 2018

Look and see all around you, for I am about to astound you, For I am causing your boundary lines to come into pleasant places, And that which you have been warring over in the last season, You will begin to see the victory in this season, And you will be jumping for joy, you will be jumping for joy. I am about to do something so radical within my church in Alaska. Where I am removing that which has harnessed them and which has kept them back, in not only places of comfort but in places of fear. For I say that I am drawing near I am drawing near and my presence is about to overtake and override the enemies forces for he has been crouching, he has been crouching at the door, looking and looking and seeing whom he may devour but I say that in this hour I am releasing my power in a new measure and in a new way and you will come forth even as calves that have been let out of a stall, for I say I am about to break you up and you will roll like a ball, you will roll like a ball down a hill and you will gain momentum, even as a snowball gains momentum as it is rolling down a hill, I say that I am about to bring you on a new thrill, for I say that there is a new joy that is coming, bubbling up within, within the leaders, and especially the prophets of my people. There is a new bubbling up, there is a new breath that I am putting within them and no longer will that word be laden down low within their spirit man, but that is about to bubble up and break forth and burst forth and it will be like a star burst in your mouth and it will come forth sweet as honey yet powerful that will cut thru even asunder between the soul and the spirit.

For many that have been sitting on the fence as it were, no longer will they sit on the fence, but this word will knock them off their fence, and this word will knock them off, some of them, off their high horses, for many have been sitting on high horses and they think that this is their time, but I am saying that I am bringing in my time, I am bringing in the God of Omel and I am about to come in and I’m about to show myself off in this state … and this shall no longer be known as the for-get-me-not state but the show-me off- state . For the great one has taken His place in this land.

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