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Awakening and Arising Alaska

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

word thru Eleanor Roehl Jan 5, 2018 For I say that there is an awakening and arising and I am taking the blinders off from my people, I'm taking the blinders off, for those that have gone astray , those that have been deceived, .. I'm causing my Church to see in a new way, and be dressed in a new way, for i am putting my garments upon Alaska and the Church shall arise as the bride of Christ dressed in Holy array for the battle ahead, and you are well able and capable of taking this land, for the Lord says that the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force, so I say to you, seek you first the kingdom of God and my righteousness and all these other things shall be adde unto you... says your heavenly Father... ----- Thank you Lord, for this is the hour you are uncovering and exposing, and blind eyes are suddenly being opened to see , and there is a "focus" coming upon your people, to participate in this battle for your kingdom purpose, in new ways. thank you Lord, you are dressing your people for this season and equipping them. Let your kingdom come your will be done... in Alaska... this day..

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