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Stepping into Alaska's Destiny, Sept. 2, 2017

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Word by Dutch Sheets Sept 2, 2017 Kan Conference-

The Lord says He has dealt with the iniquitous root in this state that has caused the new move to abort and caused Alaska to move back into the past, and repeat these cycles that are not healthy, and abort the move of God,

NOW, Alaska can move forward into the future, that the Lord gave them in their history, and step into this new identity.

It's not like you, Alaska, won't recognize who you are, new identity doesn't mean that the Lords going to transform Alaska into something it hasn't been, it means your going to come into another phase of who you are, you are going to be more than what you have been.

sometimes the future is hidden in your history. sometimes your future is trapped in your history. If God doesn't deal with the iniquity, it cannot unlock the covenant.

The Blood of Jesus has cleansed Alaska from that iniquity, and we are now free to move forward into our destiny, and let the Ancient of days come into this nation thru this state.

---- we are called to declare and decree the word of the Lord spoken over this state. we have air superiority... we must engage with it.

--Alaska you are free to move forward, Alaska you will not go back into an old cycle any longer, you have moved into tomorrow, and not into yesterday. You will not abort or stillborn the birthing of the plans of the Lord. You , Alaska, have stepped into your destiny. --

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